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Solids Far from Equilibrium - Godreche C.

Название: Solids Far from Equilibrium
Автор: Godreche C.
Категория: Физика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 22.10.2008 21:35:58
Скачано: 64
Описание: This book is based on courses given at the 1989 Beg-Rohu summer school entitled: 'Solids far from equilibrium: growth, morphology and defects'. This subject is of great practical importance since it involves the effect of the growth dynamics of solids on their shape, their crystalline quality and consequently on their electronic and mechanical properties. It has therefore been the object of extensive fundamental research by metallurgists and specialists of crystal growth. Lately it has experienced rapid development due to the efforts of condensed matter and statistical physicists motivated by the progress of experimental methods (e.g. growth of solid helium) and by the progress in the understanding of the dynamics of nonlinear systems far from equilibrium. This volume deals with the various facets of a general problem: shape and growth of crystals, instabilities and pattern formation. The six sets of lectures reflect the spirit of the school: they provide an introduction to the fundamental physics of nonlinear systems far from equilibrium, yet include the most recent developments in the field, with a definite effort towards a pedagogical exposition and a minimal amount of prerequisite. Hence this book is a real course where lectures are designed to be self contained and the calculations are given in detail. I wish to express my sincere thanks to the many persons and institutions who have contributed to the organization of the school and to the editing of this volume. 1 owe special gratitude to Cambridge University Press and to my institution, Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique.
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