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Энциклопедия Татуировок - Got Ink

Название: Энциклопедия Татуировок - Got Ink
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Описание: Everything you need to know about selecting, getting and caring for a tattoo. Sanitation 1.1 Can I get infectious diseases from tattoo needles? 1.2 What to look for in a sanitary shop environment. 1.3 Can I get AIDS from tattooing? 1.4 Can my tattoos get infected? 1.5 How to look for sterilization 1.6 Are there any medical conditions that will preclude me from getting a tattoo? 1.7 What is the Alliance of Professional Tattooists? 1.8 Should I get a vaccination shot against hepatitis? Care of new Tattoos 1.1 General Advice From A Medical Doctor 1.2 Common Misconceptions With No Basis In Reality 1.3 What Are Some Bad Things For My New Tattoo? 1.4 It Is True That Suntanning To A Considerable Extent Not Only Damages Your Skin But Fades The Tattoos? 1.5 How Do I Care For My New Tattoo? 1.6 Minimal Moisturizer Method Ancient Art Tattoo, (Orlando, FLA) 1.7 Pat-With-Listerine Method From Tattoos Unlimited (London, Canada) 1.8 The Wait-24-Hours-To-Take-Off-Dressing Method From Joker’s Wild (London, Canada) 1.9 The Coconut-Oil-Itch-Relief Method From Blue Dragon Tattoos (London, Canada) 1.10 The Huck Spalding Method From Huck Spalding`s “Tattooing A To Z” 1.11 The Noxzema Method From Lance Bailey
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