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What Is Death? - Tyler Volk

Название: What Is Death?
Автор: Tyler Volk
Категория: Биология
Дата: 10.03.2009 21:15:32
Скачано: 57
Описание: e age, and most of us come to accept the persistent specter of death as an inevitable part of being alive. It's the price we disburse at the end, a price for the gift of life. We don't normally revel in this state of affairs, of course. I, for one, wouldn't mind cheating the game. But its futile to think about playing without paying. Though the advances of medical science often do lengthen our term of ephemerality, they cannot promise us eternity. In short, we are faced with a simple fact: "life, thus death." This simple phrase—life, thus death—summarizes my core theme: the bond between life and death. But I am primarily intrigued with how this bond can be expressed (and perhaps far better expressed) by reversing the phrase. Lets flip the logic around and say "death, thus life." How can death precede life? Are there cases in which death is paid for not at the end but at the beginning of life? W
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