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Advanced C# Programming - Paul Kimmel

Название: Advanced C# Programming
Автор: Paul Kimmel
Категория: Программирование
Тип: Книга
Дата: 31.03.2009 18:35:43
Скачано: 162
Описание: Advanced C# Programming is about programmers and code. This book was conceived around the idea of providing a lot of code listings for programmers who need to solve problems now. In each chapter you will find a brief introduction presenting the program showcased in the chapter and describing the kinds of problems that you may encounter and how the code presented will help you tackle them. From there, you can go right to the complete code listing to find the solutions, then read the explanations that follow describing the technology that supports the code listing. Because each code listing is a complete application, you will find several applications that demonstrate both primary and secondary capabilities of C# and Microsoft .NET. Advanced C# Programming was written for developers who have an intermediate to advanced level of experience with similar languages, such as C++, Delphi, or Visual Basic .NET, or who have read an introductory-level book explaining the fundamentals of objectoriented programming with C#. As a special feature, Chapters 12 through 16 demonstrate the advanced aspects of ASP.NET programming for the Web with C#. I am pleased to tell you that these chapters of Advanced C# Programming showcase the IBUYSPY.COM Web site as the application for demonstrating software development concepts for the Web. We could not have done this without the blessing and able assistance of Microsoft and Susan Warren, program manager for ASP.NET. The code examples in this book will demonstrate how to use the most beneficial and powerful aspects of C# programming for Windows and the Web. Everything you need to know about Reflection, Assemblies, object-oriented programming, security and authentication, and Web Services and Web applications for e-commerce sites can be found within this book. All you have to do is open it up and begin exploring.
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