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C# Bible - Jeff Ferguson, Brian Patterson, Jason Beres

Название: C# Bible
Автор: Jeff Ferguson, Brian Patterson, Jason Beres
Категория: Программирование
Тип: Книга
Дата: 31.03.2009 19:05:16
Скачано: 144
Описание: Microsoft's .NET Framework represents the most significant change in software development methodology for a Microsoft operating system since the introduction of Windows. It is built using an architecture that allows software languages to work together, sharing resources and code, to provide developers with the advanced tools necessary to build the next generation of desktop and Internet-enabled applications. Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET product includes new versions of their Visual Basic and C++ compiler products that target .NET development, as well as a brand new language called C# (pronounced "C-sharp"). C# Bible will show you how to write code using this brand new language. Language constructs such as statements, variables, control loops, and classes are all covered. In addition, the book will show you how to apply C# to programming tasks that developers often face in the real world. The final portions of the book will show you how to use C# to develop Web sites, access databases, work with legacy COM and COM+ objects, develop Windows desktop applications, work with various .NET Framework concepts, and more. The primary focus of this book is .NET development using C# as the implementation language and the .NET Framework's C# command-line compiler as the primary development tool. C# development using the Visual Studio .NET tool is not covered in this book, although the task of using Visual Studio .NET to develop C# applications can be easily mastered once the fundamentals of .NET development using C# are well understood
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